Welcome to Youth/Adult Ministry

Networking and Publicity

The networking and publicity department is motivated to build a network with other Redeemed churches through group events and activities. We aim to get involved in more Godly activities, both socially and business oriented. We want to provide resources for YASM members who need assistance with work, school, or any other aspect of their life. Specifically, we want to continually plan bonding events including road trips, camping trips, motivational speaker events, etc. We are also involved in networking among ourselves for jobs, careers, and

How to join:

In order to become a member of this department, you must be very people oriented. You need to be able to work well in a group, as well as within a group of strangers.
You need to possess excellent coordination and leadership skills.


The welfare department is motivated to ensure the health and wellness of every member in our church. We also serve as the welcoming committee for new members into the YASM. Our goal is to coordinate different health and missions events including a health fair and a back to school supplies fair. We are also involved with nonprofit organizations, outside charities and service work.

How to join:

In order to become a member of this department, you must be very people oriented. You need to have the desire to be involved in helping people.
You must possess excellent communication skills, as well as listening skills.
You should have a caring heart and a love for the work of God.


The finance department is motivated to maintain the YASM as a self sufficient entity of Praise Chapel. We collect money for all activities, and keep track of who is paying their dues. Our goal is to be able to fund all our own events and activities. The monthly dues of the YASM is currently being kept within the Executive board at $10 but will extend to all members as the group grows. We will network with every department in the YASM in order to be a financial resource to the entire YASM.

How to join:

Members should also have accurate documentation and record keeping skills.
In order to become a member of this department, you must have excellent math skills, and leadership skills.
You must be honest and able to keep
information confidential.


The music department is motivated to call people to worship, praise, educate and encourage understanding of the importance of music in the church. Music, as we all know, is the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds to produce harmony or express emotion. It is meant to elevate the spirit and build the soul. Music is one of the greatest weapons in spiritual warfare, and thus requires a qualified army of Christ to produce. Our mission is to evangelize through music and upgrade the general music of the church. We plan on networking with other church music directors in order to create a platform for increasing awareness about our YASM music ministry. We hope to have a series of concerts, including an “Evening of Worship,” as well as many fundraising musical performances. We also want to establish a movement or annual “Entertainment in His Vine” program. We want to produce a YASM studio album with the hopes of reaching out to more people; blessing and saving more souls. This is a ministry that requires prayer as the master key and praise and worship as the working tools.

How to join:

In order to become a member of this department, we need a serious commitment on your part. You must be at least 50% musically oriented and a huge music lover with an unlimited passion for music.
We want people with a flair for excellence, and the wisdom to achieve goals. And we need positive thinkers.