Welcome to Ushering Ministry

The Praise Chapel ushers are the first face of the Church and are very proud to welcome and serve you. You meet us before anyone else. This is why serving you and doing it very satisfactorily is one of top most responsibilities in this Church.

Our Mission Statement

To we make your worship exciting by showing and extending the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to you and your family. We do so by concentrating on everything you need to make your
worship very memorable.

Gathering Days, Time & Location

Couple of minutes before service starts.

What we do

We help with setting of the auditorium, seating of people in the congregation and as well control the flow of information during services.

What to expect from us

We welcome you and your family with love, provide you with appropriate seatings and most importantly ensure that other worshipers do not interrupt the flow of your worship as well as your spiritual connection with the Almighty God.

How to join

Please feel free to see any Usher on duty.