Welcome to Praise Chapel Men’s Ministry

Our Purpose

The encompassing objective of the Praise Chapel Men’s Fellowship is the active pursuit of men with the end of connecting men to God, His word, and other men for the purpose of growing in Christ. We are persuaded that God will use the heart and life of a man who chose to surrender or make himself available to Him.

In addition to the above, the fellowship also provide a forum for men to share knowledge and experience for the benefits of each other

    The fellowship also provides a forum to learn and explore the practical teaching of the word in
    our everyday life and living.

    The fellowship also provide accountability partners in our Christian walk.

    The fellowship also creates a forum where men may discuss issues that affect mainly men i.e. Men’s health related issues, careers & family.

    The fellowship also engages in Service projects, assisting Church members in the Church, Community and the Church at large.

    The fellowship also provides mentorship for young and aspiring men.

We Promote integrity, and good character, being a reflection of God to the world as our members are held to a higher standards. It is our destiny to lift up Christ in every business we do and at every crossroad of life.

Gathering Days, Time & Location

Every first Saturday of the month at the Church Conference Hall at 6.00 pm prompt..

Core Values

Sacrificing for the good of others.
Choosing to do the right thing.
Value people above all other things.
No obstacle is too high, never give up.
Opportunities are born by reaching out to others.
Making this world a better place by God’s power.