Our Core Values

1. Our purpose in life is to emulate Jesus Christ. In order to emulate our Lord Jesus, we have to understand the importance of studying and applying God’s word on a daily basis. Also, by communicating with our Father in heaven through prayer and living a holy life, we follow the standard Jesus laid for us. More importantly, as His followers, we have the Holy Spirit residing within us. This means, we have access to the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Therefore, by sharing the gospel, providing encouragement, and offering comfort, we, too can impact others’ lives.
Romans 8:11, Matt 18:22, Phil 3:3

2. The unconditional love Jesus gave us on the Cross is what we share with our community: As Christians, it is important to Love the Lord, our God with all of our heart, mind and soul. Also, to be kind to one another, after all, we are all part of the body of Christ.
Ephesians 4:32, John13: 34, 35

3. Evangelize to those that are lost and bring them to the lord: As we have accepted Jesus Christ, we have taken up the responsibility of giving the lost an opportunity to hear the good-news and inform them of God’s offer of redemption. Thereby, allowing them to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.
John 4:13-14

4. In Unity we worship our Lord Jesus: With all our differences, with our various levels of maturity, with our differing strengths and weaknesses, we worship the Lord together. We have been brought into the same journey and the same adventure by our Lord Jesus Christ. We share more than just the same Father, the same Lord, and the same Spirit; we also share the same purpose and destination. With this in mind, those who are stronger limit themselves to those who are weaker and will enjoy each other’s company and will bring praise to God.
Romans 15:7, Ephesian 4:3

5. The Family that knows God is the Core of our society: We believe that a strong society is made up of a good Christian family and Christian families are the foundation of our church. We are determined to uphold the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, which we believe makes up a Christian family. Our children are being raised in God’s way and our young adult are taught to engage in holy and godly courtship that will lead to marriage. As a church of God, we pray and provide counseling to families because we do not believe in divorce.
Matt 19:5-6, Proverbs 22:6, 1Corinthians7

6. Empower ourselves for daily living: Through our weekly services, Sunday school classes and other various programs, we feed ourselves with the word of God, and train our members to grow in the Kingdom of God. As Jesus trained the early Christians through teaching and empowered them with The Holy Spirit.
Proverb 4:4-7, Deuteronomy 4:5

7. Believe in ourselves that through Lord Jesus we can take the land: We have been empowered by God to do all things and to be what we want to be. Through various professional groups, we provide the environment to help one another to achieve our personal, career, educational and business goal. We also challenge ourselves to “think outside the box” by continually reinventing ourselves in every aspect of life so that we can be an influence in the society.
Number 13: 31

8. To those that repent, God will give a second chance. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”, but through the death of our Lord Jesus Christ we have been given a second chance. We know we are not perfect, therefore, we teach sinners that if they give their lives to Christ and follow him in truth and in faith, they also will be a partaker of the Kingdom of God.
Roman 3:23, Galatians 6:1