Welcome to Business Forum Ministry

The Business Forum started six years ago with the vision by our Dear Pastor Fisayo.

This is a Christian-based association of professionals formed out of the RCCG Christian Church of God Praise Chapel to propagate our Christian beliefs, conducts investment, enriched our members professionally, spiritually, materially and socially as well as help each other through the steps of life, comfort each other in times of grief and celebrate with others when occasion calls for it.

We have various professionals in our midst such as (IT’s Guru’s, Bankers, Realtors, Pharmacist, Various Business Owners, Mental Health Practitioners and others: Please feel free to patronize any of our members as we are people of integrity, and I can assure you that you will get a good deal.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to connect people with opportunities, to reach out and help others find a better life and work together to build better communities to show the world that you could have a better life by following Jesus Christ.

We Participate in God’s good works, evangelizing, releasing gifts, talents and resources to help others. Working together to build the family and taking the message of God’s love to every family. We also have an online fellowship every Sunday evening whereby we commit all our issues before the Lord, and you are also welcome to join the prayer line.

We Promote integrity, and good character, being a reflection of God to the world as our members are held to a higher standards. It is our destiny to lift up Christ in every business we do and at every crossroad of life.

Gathering Days, Time & Location

We conduct bi-monthly meetings at member’s residences on rotational basis to discuss ideas on how to develop and support ourselves professionally.

Core Values

Sacrificing for the good of others.
Choosing to do the right thing.
Value people above all other things.
No obstacle is too high, never give up.
Opportunities are born by reaching out to others.
Making this world a better place by God’s power.